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The Chia Legacy (Generation 1.3) (PLUS Heir Poll!)

 photo klktyib5_zps4593738e-1_zpsce661e40.png

Spouse by flari.

Featuring sims by simchenelin, whispered_rumor, stakeit_uk, marvelann, backerbse and in_as_much.

Takara and Tomy were born.
A grand total of 191 garden gnomes/lawn ornaments was purchased.
The weekly theme was to make everything red. Horrible image quality ensued.
Puddi became a teenager

So where we last left off, Tomy had just been born.

 photo 4_zpsa4ba31ac.png

Puddi: So, what do I do with this?

Puddi must clearly be impressed at how Giga is able to keep his robe upright in such a gravity-defying manner.

 photo 8_zpsde33a666.png

Takara meanwhile, is having nightmares about spatulas while napping on the couch.

 photo 9_zps34cf1cc7.png

The next day, as Tophilu wanted to get the kids into Private school and she needed an aspiration boost to get a promotion, it was time to send in the headmaster.

 photo 11_zps1890476b.png

Quick children, into the formalwear! I don't care if I forgot to buy new formals to match the red theme!

 photo 13_zps7b1920e8.png

He's here!

 photo 14_zpsf7c05ab8.png

 photo 15_zpsedc20d74.png

Kai: My, my, it appears we're both in suits.
Headmaster: Suits give a wonderful first impression, our school loves it when people wear suits.

A quick house tour to get those approval points up.

 photo 16_zps3d37ef44.png

Headmaster: Everything is red! Wonderful! Red's a very creative colour!

Also, this woman followed Kai back from work.

 photo 17_zps902f58c4.png

Work partner: I only came here for the free food.

 photo 2_zps2c0e76d9.png

Work Partner: I got what I came for.
Giga: Frankly, I think father is a little too old to be a student at your private school. Me on the other hand...

 photo 3_zps152a9f7e.png

Success! And good job getting into private school, too!

Thank god it wasn't Puddi making the dinner.

 photo 5_zps5917dcb3.png

Also for some inexplicable reason someone left an espresso cup outside.

 photo 6_zpse7328041.png

The following evening it was the birthdays of Tomy and Giga.

 photo 10_zpsb76a123a.png

Tomy being a cutie patootie.

 photo 12_zps1311c6a2.png

And Giga... well, No-one was really fussed about Giga.

 photo 14_zps9f2a43bf.png

Giga: Oh. Great.

 photo 13_zpsc5067ec3.png

Puddi: Uh... YAAAAY! Look at that sparkle!
Giga: Too late now!

He's all grown up :)

 photo 10_zps725e9489.png

And so, the age-old tradition of dad-dancing commences!

 photo 6_zps1f509bbf.png

Ggia: Oh no... I was warned that some day this would happen.
Puddi: Please stop, dad.

Takara still thinks he's cool.

 photo 4_zps7da1d49c.png

And at long last, the red challenge is over! Now the house can go back to being all nice and multicoloured.

 photo 3_zps7fca9324.png
 photo 17_zpsb8c1cd96.png
 photo 1_zps0842a264.png

And The men can get their old hair back.

 photo 11_zpsa9be2d34.png

While we're at it, here's some information.

 photo 16_zps70b7fca9.png
 photo 2_zps9585aff1.png

I realsied that having Puddi with the same hair as her mother lead to a lot of confusion, so I changed her hair anyway.

Look at those fancy private school uniforms!

 photo 15_zps691bc96f.png

So, what will be this week's challenge?

 photo 12_zps955ba819.png

Well, that's a good enough opportunity to introduce more Pixel Trade sims into the family.

So, say hello to the lazybums who'll be mooching off the Chias for the rest of their lives, Ned (simchenelin) and Autumn (whispered_rumor)!

 photo 8_zps66cdec5f.png

There's not enough money to build extra bedrooms for these two, so instead they'll have the privilege of staying in this lovely tent next to the house. It even has a tree in front of it, can't argue with that.

 photo 9_zpsd8629af4.png

One good thing about having some extra company is that now at least one person can always pay attention to Tomy.

 photo 7_zpsbc16948c.png

Autumn:Hell no, I'm not touching that stinky sprog of yours!

Fine, we'll just have Ned do it.

 photo 5_zpse8436cec.png

Ned: No chance.

Well, I can see these two are going to be useful.

To be fair, since they're mooching off this family, they can always provide free labour in the form of maid duty I suppose.

 photo 8_zps4a6ea66c.png

I love it when toddlers dance.

 photo 9_zps886865e1.png

In an attempt to get skills up quicker for easy promotions Tophilu looks more like a b-movie monster than ever.

 photo 1_zpsfe23a33a.png

It backfired on Kai.

 photo 10_zpsb67cfaae.png

 photo 2_zpsd6def9b2.png

Autumn: How do you make your eyes glow like that? That's an impressive trick. Treat for you!

The next day Giga brought Kenton (stakeit_uk) home from school.

 photo 5_zps821435cf.png

Likewise, Toph brought home Virgina (also stakeit_uk) from work.

 photo 3_zpsdb4f7f2d.png

Giga being a hypocritical bastard danced just like his dad.

 photo 7_zps6e6a2b46.png

Giga: I bet I look real hip!

Miranda Lawson (Non Pixel Trade) invited herself over to join in however. It's better than Commander Shepards dancing I suppose.

 photo 6_zpsb302210b.png

Then Virgina hopped on board.

 photo 18_zps3e1cb355.png

It was also Tomy's birthday.

 photo 6_zps81d0f75c.png

She turned out looking a lot like Puddi.

 photo 15_zps3305c0db.png

Then half of the people in the house grouped together in the master bedroom.

 photo 14_zpsaf686f20.png

Never mind that Kai and Tophilu were both still asleep.

 photo 13_zps81d4cd10.png

To accommodate the extra people, this lovely little outhouse was built.

 photo 16_zps997a5691.png

While I was at it, finally a greenhouse. Wanted to go back to growing vegetables again.

 photo 12_zpsd6e97faf.png

Kai maxed Charisma!

 photo 1_zps42901d96.png

What animal magnetism you must have.

And it certainly seemed to help.

 photo 14_zps6fdb4de9.png
 photo 2_zps20c887f3.png

Money! Glorious money!
Plenty to spare. You know what that means, moochers?

That's right, now this house has a hot tub, bar and a bigger greenhouse! Beautiful!

 photo 3_zps44195c60.png
 photo 17_zps4e284c52.png

Speaking of gardening, the apple tree finally produced some strangely white apples. Meh, apples are apples.

 photo 6_zps81d0f75c.png

Now time for 3 of the 4 children to become a teenager.

 photo 7_zpsf2ba7276.png

 photo 5_zps34e25519.png

I love her.

And she loves the fish tank. Makes sense, considering she wore a mermaid costume and had a sea themed bedroom.

 photo 4_zps80342106.png

 photo 15_zps65cd3fd2.png

Well, that didn't take long.
At least they'll make beautiful non-official Chia babies.

Aaaaand walkby! Hello, Aadgka (marvelann)!

 photo 8_zpsc70b77ca.png

Giga still exists. He spends most of his time on the piano.

 photo 10_zps59dd2a75.png

Or playing chess with Takara.

 photo 8_zps9003711e.png

Skunk: This is definitely where the twatface lives. I'm going to get all the vengeance.

 photo 7_zps438125ea.png

(Also I find it kind of amusing that Kai is the law, yet he's married to a professional criminal. Suppose it works in Tophilu's favour)

And that woman seems to be at the house every single day.

 photo 6_zpsf0c52e7e.png

Co-worker: Free food, free chess, all a lawyer needs.

I'll give her a makeover since that Maxis makeup is horrible unflattering.

 photo 5_zps70e08fab.png

Co-worker: Free makeovers too!

Lol Lol (backerbse) made a brief appearance.

 photo 4_zps2e2f1611.png

Kai: So this place actually has a lot of attractive alien immigrants?
Lol Lol Of course. We can't live on a planet where it costs $60 for a packet of gummy bears.

There was a thunderstorm and I completely missed poor co-worker's fate.

 photo 1_zpsc843a4e6.png

Co-worker: This place sucks, I'm never returning.

Catalina (in_as_much) walked by early the next morning.

 photo 9_zpsac2e1540.png

And the moochers? Well...

 photo 3_zps629762ac.png

 photo 2_zps55814264.png

And in Toph and Kai's bed as well, FOR SHAME.

 photo 6_zpsf9bdd32f.png

That good, eh?

 photo 9_zps1988b3ae.png

Ned: And I thought I needed a wash.

 photo 10_zpse75d709b.png

Tomy: Get out.

 photo 3_zpsfaa3e3a1.png

Ah. Well that explains all the screw-ups.

 photo 11_zps4e0a9ca1.png


And I must say, her new uniform is kind of sexy.

 photo 5_zps11a101a4.png

Hey, Cheer.

 photo 7_zpscccfbcbf.png

Fuck you, Cheer.

 photo 8_zps0def7b10.png

Tomy chose to spend the day trying to sell lemonade.

 photo 1_zps116f5f03.png

The time where Ned decides to buy a pity-drink and it's when her first customer, Monopoly Toybox actually shows interest. Good job screwing over her business prospects.

 photo 4_zpse40ec841.png

Autumn loves to pop.

 photo 2_zpsa70a5d11.png

It's another birthday evening. This time we have Tophilu and Tomy ageing.

First, the old lady herself.

 photo 7_zps9be07d50.png
 photo 8_zps2d72cfd0.png
 photo 9_zps009b3e24.png

For an elderly alien cyclops, she looks pretty damn good.

 photo 3_zpsd76359e8.png

And so, onto Tomy.

 photo 4_zpsdd232356.png

Tomy: Isn't dad going to grow old too?

 photo 5_zps8769d042.png

Tomy: I wish for... another hat!

 photo 6_zps7b95ef07.png

She's pretty much just a clone of Puddi to be honest.

 photo 10_zps6a04ea87.png

 photo 1_zpsfbf030c5.png

Maximum logi already! Considering most of my sims don't reach that stage until their late adulthood, that's pretty damn impressive.

It even got her a scholarship.

 photo 2_zpsa3eeafbe.png

Speaking of college, now all the children are teenagers, I can send them to college. But first, I need to know who will be continuing the genepool of this legacy. So, below is a poll for the selection of the next heir. If you're having problems with the poll then just write who you want to be heir in the comments, and I look forward to seeing your choice!

Who shall be heir?



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