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The Chia Legacy (Generation 1.2)

 photo klktyib5_zps4593738e.png

Spouse by flari.
Appearances from sims by wooden_badger, mirroredfate and novusars!


Puddi and Giga were born!
The week's challenge was to spend more money that is sensible on gnomes. Fire hazards ahoy!
Kai set the house on fire. Suprisingly not around the gnomes.
Some random guy gave the Chia's a new TV.
Another baby is on the way

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_3e6c9280_zps683c9061.jpg

I don't know where the hell Toph is going.

But she seems suspicious.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_1e6c929a_zps16668a7a.jpg
 photo AngryCapture-3944_zps58158b2c.jpg

Ah, right.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_be6c9170_zpsc89c6cb8.jpg


 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_7e6c918a_zps869ffa40.jpg

Puddi: You're the best brother ever.

To be fair, when she isn't raging Puddi is great with Giga.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_de6ddf49_zps6fab540f.jpg

And now Kai was teaching him to walk too.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_de6de3cd_zps0c0ca268.jpg

I love watching toddlers learn to walk. It's adorable.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_3e6de3f7_zpsf2d989d4.jpg

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_7e6de2e9_zpsb9a526a9.jpg

Tophilu: Excellent, this painting can buy me another gnome!

The Spencer (wooden_badger) lusting continues

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_de6de6f8_zps06a2286a.jpg

Puddi: I haven't even met this guy, all I know if that I'm going to marry him when I'm legal.
Kai: That's my girl!

 photo AngryCapture-135-1_zps5b010b83.jpg

She even taught herself anger management in preparation.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_be6de9ee_zps14c8b3b3.jpg

Tophilu: The baby's coming, help deliver it!
Giga: I'm two years old!

 photo AngryCapture-412_zpsf45c2039.jpg

Ah, timing.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_7e6dea4d_zpsd835c879.jpg

Kai: You always have to steal my thunder, don't you?

It's a girl!

 photo AngryCapture-2343_zps8f2d52dc.jpg

Keeping with the shitty Giga Pudding theme, she's named Takara. Don't worry, I'll name the next kid Tomy to finish off that title.

Speaking of whom, Kai and Tophilu weren't wasting time on that one.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_be6df234_zps93ad2dbc.jpg

It was also Giga's birthday!

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_9e6df1b3_zpse0018505.jpg

He looks really cute as a child.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_de6df1e9_zps32635e14.jpg

Sadly this now means that Puddi won't share her room with Giga and the gnome budget won't allow for separate rooms to be built.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_1e6df580_zpse7f1f5b4.jpg

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_9e6df56e_zpsc12b468c.jpg

Toph: Share a bed? With my daughter? Do you think I can raise a criminal minion by sleeping with her? What kind of mother do you take me for!?

And guess what? New challenge time!
But first let's get together a final tally of gnomes purchased over this past week.


 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_3e6df6cc_zps5abece3b.jpg

191! *Ta-da~*

How anyone's managed to leave the house without difficulty I'll never know. But the next challenge is:

 photo AngryCapture-424_zpsf6e8d678.jpg

Ah joy, red has a horrible habit of looking shitty in images and the image quality for this update is pretty terrible to begin with.

It'll be almost a shame to see the gnomes go but I need to make money for this house makeover.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_9e6e330e_zps6dbce9ec.jpg
 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_1e6e3324_zps932f53a8.jpg

That'll do.

I only needed to change Toph and Puddi's clothing, but Kai and Giga are going to require a dye-job.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_5e6e3280_zpsd56e8076.jpg
 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_de6e361a_zpscd23a4c3.jpg

Any other person would think they were trying to raise money for Comic Relief.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_fe6e318b_zps8dbd51f5.jpg

Tophilu: 'My vomit tastes like my husband!'
Good to know.

As both Toph and Kai were working at the same time they needed to hire a nanny for a while.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_7e6e351c_zpsf4507ddc.jpg

I'm not sure if she's reacting to Puddi skipping indoors or the sheer amount of red there is.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_3e6e362f_zpsaa118ed1.jpg

 photo AngryCapture-190_zps670de37f.jpg
 photo AngryCapture-1957_zpsad8c0810.jpg

Upon failing to get a promotion due to lack of friends, Kai invited purple-TV-guy over and also invited Tristan (mirroredfate) who was just passing by. Because hey, he needs friends here.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_7e6e3b10_zps805e42d5.jpg

 photo AngryCapture-4819_zps8c378892.jpg

Failing to notice the wedding ring or the 3 small children running around.

Speaking of children, it's Takara's birthday.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_de6e3857_zpse52a6e44.jpg

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_7e6e3870_zps0c530e0b.jpg

Purple-y McWavylocks: First birthdays should be SERIOUS OCCASIONS.

And here's the little cutie now!

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_fe6e3a91_zps3a85610c.jpg

 photo AngryCapture-370_zps91181e62.jpg

She's so excited.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_3e6f35d4_zps95e5500c.jpg

She also brought home Lollie (novusars)

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_de6f35b8_zps566156bc.jpg

I upgraded the house by moving the children's room upstairs.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_3e6f5e90_zpsbc5b7622.jpg

Of course the children still insisted on sleeping downstairs.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_fe6f53b3_zpsa0372892.jpg

Tophilu: Sharing a bed with my daughter? Can't be having that.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_de6f605c_zps50a73e79.jpg

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_9e6f59c8_zps637251c0.jpg

Puddi: Oh nooo~ I can't go to school now, there's a sofa in my way~ What a pity.

Just look at Takara. She's using that potty like a true noblewoman.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_7e6f5f3b_zps798b93bc.jpg

And in the night it snowed pretty heavily.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_3e6f6256_zps76a79bb5.jpg

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_7e6f62a9_zpsb2f505d8.jpg

(Aw, come on, you're a kid, you're supposed to love the snow)

So some random visitor appeared and offered Kai a promotion.

 photo AngryCapture-423_zpsd7dd9aa1.png

I have no problem with this.

She also stayed for Takara's birthday.

 photo 10_zps8fba93a8.png

 photo 2_zps0f85fd33.png

Adults: What a disgusting child!

Now come on, don't be douchebags. I think she's just as adorable as the rest of the children.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_3e703771_zpsafe4ecdf.jpg

Besides, at least she doesn't pee herself in front of the toilet.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_7e703abb_zpsa269544f.jpg

I expected this from a Toybox, Toph, but not from you. You disappoint me.

 photo AngryCapture-948_zpsb0a3da72.png

 photo 1_zps32903d15.png

Giga: I changed my mind, I love snow!
Puddi: This is rather pleasing.


 photo 7_zps45a511ee.png

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_3e703c92_zps143a8d96.jpg

Penguin: You know babe, I took the bus all the way here.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_be703c78_zpsac9915af.jpg

Penguin: How about I eat you up like a sundae? By that I mean blending of course...

 photo 8_zpsc488b1af.png

It's not often I get envious of my sims but I want to pet a penguin. ):

Shortly enough, it was also Puddi's birthday.

 photo 9_zpsc9d25ca5.png

For the record, I have no idea who that guy is. He shouldn't even be here, he's wearing nothing red, he's not a Pixel Trade townie and he's tooting in the wrong direction.

 photo 4_zpsb2510daf.png

(Okay, I admit it. Just screencapping the images is much better quality than being lazy and just using the in-game camera. Too bad I keep forgetting to screencap so now my images keep switching from "lovely" to "I did this in MS Paint" quality)

 photo 5_zpsfdfdc9be.png

I usually don't keep child sims with the same hair as their parents, but I think this really suits Puddi. Thankfully the difference in skin colour should be enough that I don't confuse them.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_de76d33e_zps6edeb50b.jpg

Meanwhile Tophilu went into labour in her kid's room of all places.

 photo 6_zpsb3cb8813.png

 photo 3_zps21037a04.png

Purple Afro Man: WHY GOD, WHY?
Puddi: Seriously, who the hell are you?

Another girl! To co-incide with Takara's name, she'll be named Tomy, like I said.

 photo AngryCapture-2041_zpsfe16d3e9.png


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