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The Chia Legacy (Generation 1.1)

 photo z8qns9jf_zpsfe1cd5c3.png

Spouse by flari

Featuring sims by wooden_badger and boolpropbea!

We were introduced to our founder, alien cyclops Tophilu Chia.
On her quest for love she went to a strip club, got drunk and had a one-night stand whom she promptly forgot about.
She then saw the same one-night stand the next night at a club, tried to seduce him only for him to have more interest in other women (or at the very least a threesome), so she instead went after a fellow alien, Kai (flari).
On their first date she became so clingy-jealous that they got married in Vegas and had lots of sex

We open with the aftermath of the frequent sex, looks like there's a little alien on the way!


And Spencer (wooden_badger), apparently not over being turned down for a threesome is now stalking Tophilu, standing in front of their house mime-punching Kai for "stealing" her.


Spencer: That green douchebag will neve-


Spencer: -OH HELLO DARLING! *Mwah*

He stayed for an hour just standing around then left.



She also waited specifically until she left work to pop.


Nothing interesting happened through her first trimester, but at some point Kai brought Eight August (boolpropbea) back from work.


They didn't really socialise much.


Eight: I thought were were going to watch a movie?

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Toph went into labour.



Kai: Aw crap, he's not supposed to see my wife's vagina until the seventh visit!


It's a girl!

Tophilu, being in the weird mindset that advertisements are the perfect naming inspiration, was particularly obsessed with the Giga Pudding commercial at the time of birth and so decided to name this baby girl Puddi. Yes, Giga Pudding really is the naming theme this time. Yes I'm stupid.


Eight: I could have sworn there was a baby around here.
Kai: I know, I can't see any babies. Or puddings.

And before you could say "Puddi-Puddi" Toph was knocked up again.



But what's this week's challenge?


Now, Tophilu is the highest earner, but since she's on maternity leave I'll start off by spending the vast majority of the existing money on lawn ornaments.


Have fun trying to walk around those, Kai.


Tophilu: When you think about it, lawn ornaments are just outdoor toys. They're perfectly fine for a baby.


Kai: Ah, you're pregnant! I thought that bump was just leftovers from the previous pregnancy!


Tophilu: I'd like Spencer to father a couple of my children someday.
Kai: He would make beautiful children.

With Kai making barely anything, it was important to focus on skill and aspiration building to get him a promotion. Unfortunately for Tophilu, Kai's a popularity sim meaning that his pre-work aspiration boost meant pestering the hell out of her.


Toph: Ahaha, stop! No seriously, stop. I'm freaking exhausted.

Soon enough it's Puddi's birthday!

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_7e51f714_zps6ba60d25.jpg

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_de51f737_zps4493b764.jpg

She's got Kai's lovely ears.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_fe51f760_zpsc911c197.jpg

That are going to be hidden under her hair because I'm starting to run out of hairs already.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_be51f8af_zpse11b2f81.jpg

And not long after, NEW BABY!

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_be5201d5_zpse61a9ce7.jpg


It's a boy!

This time he'll be named Giga.

However, the image I took of him is missing and he wasn't really exciting enough to take any other pictures of until he grew up into a toddler. But let's just say he looks like Puddi.

And also be grateful that both Giga and Puddi were out of the way when the kitchen set on fire.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_fe5206a9_zps97495a85.jpg

Honestly, I'm more surprised that the front lawn hasn't burst into flames yet. There's so many lawn ornaments that it's becoming a fire hazard.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_de6048e1_zps87e1e4ed.jpg

The whole "Who is the person spending all their money on gnomes" role keeps changing. At first it was Tophilu, then Kai got a few promotions and started buying them, then Kai quit his job in favour of the law career, since becoming the law is his lifetime want, so now Tophilu is the one buying gnomes again.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_de604d68_zpsc6df4cce.jpg

 photo AngryCapture-1823_zpsa0bca41d.jpg

Important meetings are important regardless of stroppy wives!

 photo AngryCapture-1918_zpsfe7f0fde.jpg


Then he brought a friend home.

 photo AngryCapture-2159_zps9af465b4.jpg
 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_5e604f4f_zps56395d3a.jpg

A huge TV? You bet we're going to test that one out!

He's also a rather good babysitter.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_be605286_zps0ce13cfc.jpg

Workfriend: Hey little girl, you seem like one with an eye for entertainment. Would you mind trying out our new range of high-tech doll houses?

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_3e605ba6_zps443d1395.jpg

I might as well just use the same popping images, shouldn't I?

But because not much else happened as usual, it's a very special double birthday!

First Giga.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_de605c92_zps54ff0a0f.jpg
 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_fe605dcc_zpsb7985f16.jpg

These alien genetics are bringing some rather strange looking toddlers, but that said I shouldn't be surprised.

Then Puddi.

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_3e605e28_zps0ca28078.jpg

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_3e6061a0_zpsab290319.jpgx

That look of confused disappointment is actually very fitting considering she ages pretty badly.

Now before we finish this update, gnome count?

 photo snapshot_5e3a4e80_de605ac5_zps3b45b72d.jpg

How the hell anyone was actually able to leave this house is beyond me.


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