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This is where you can download all the Toybox sims!

First off, if you thought this was a post where you could download this rather nice toybox in the teaser image, you're mistaken, but you can find it in the Pom Nursery Set over at Mango-Sims

Now, for those who wanted to download the Toyboxes, you're at the right place!

Generation 1
 photo Lego_zps7f61a249.png

Lego Toybox (FOUNDER)
Content List|Download

Generation 2: My Little Pony
Father is Thermald by brightgoldsoul
 photo Applejack_zps7107af0a.png

Applejack Toybox (HEIR)
Download|CC List
 photo LicketySplit_zps9a76f899.png

Lickety-Split Toybox
Download|CC List
 photo MorningGlory_zpsaeacd3b4.png

Morning Glory Toybox
Download|CC List
 photo Posey_zpscaff74a3.png

Posey Toybox
Download|CC List
 photo CherriesJubilee_zps31bf3bde.png

Cherries Jubilee Toybox
Download|CC List

Generation 3: Popples
Mother is Santana by smustleparty

Party Popple Toybox (HEIR)
Content List|Download

PC (Pretty Cool) Popple Toybox
Content List|Download

Puffball Toybox
Content List|Download

Generation 4: Pound Puppies
Father is Mr. Noe Whiskers by novusars
(Note: Cooler's skin is much lighter than in the image. It's actually the same skin as Nose Marie)
 photo nosemarie_zps25cb8070.png

Nose Marie Toybox (HEIR)
Content List|Download
 photo cooler_zps82126d96.png

Cooler Toybox
Content List|Download
 photo brighteyes_zpsf7d8cb6e.png

Bright Eyes Toybox
Content List|Download
 photo howler_zps7938adf9.png

Howler Toybox
Content List|Download

Generation 5: Games
Mother is Lorin by alexination
 photo Buckaroo-1_zps7567e85a.png

Buckaroo Toybox (HEIR)
Download|CC List
 photo Cluedo-1_zps63c4d7fb.png

Cluedo Toybox
Download|CC List
 photo Monopoly-1_zpsd6695f59.png

Monopoly Toybox
Download|CC List
 photo Scrabble-1_zpsd38fa2c1.png

Scrabble Toybox
Download|CC List
 photo jenga_zps107b2fd3.png

Jenga Toybox
Download|CC List


Generation 6: Transformers
Mother is Kiribati by zip_itsims
 photo Starscream_zps82756b46.png

Starscream Toybox (HEIR)
Download|CC List
 photo Optimus_zps98dd0a42.png

Optimus Prime Toybox
Download|CC List
 photo Bumblebee_zpsb17f8403.png

Bumblebee Toybox
Download|CC List
 photo Megatron_zps57ead3df.png

Megatron Toybox
Download|CC List
 photo soundwaveportrait_zps74f9f9e1.png

Soundwave Toybox
Download|CC List
 photo Grimlock_zpsce195a98.png

Grimlock Toybox
Download|CC List

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